Some Aphorisms


* All people are more or less racist. It’s only a matter of degree. So, if you’re white, blacks hate you, and if you’re black, a lot of whites hate you. But if you marry a black person, then both blacks and whites will hate you—and that’s my situation. I am like a pickle, sandwiched between a slice of Wonderbread and a slice of pumpernickel.

*Just as we should be appalled by slavery, we should be equally appalled by a group of rude, uneducated, unqualified, and over-paid individuals who act as masters ruling over the people, i.e., a government! 

*I am against every form of authority. The worst kind is religion. Unlike a government, which, at least in principle, can be overthrown, religion is the most pernicious kind of authority because its authority, allegedly a god, is unchallengeable, unchangeable, and untouchable—the very definition of celestial dictatorship!


Author: Carlo Alvaro


2 thoughts on “Some Aphorisms

  1. I am always challenged by your thoughts.

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